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L. Stanley Kime was an amateur painter, described by a friend as "a kind and gentle giant." Stan began drawing and painting in his twenties, and specialized in both oil and watercolor, working also with acrylics and other mediums. For many years, he belonged to a group of amateur painters who called themselves "The World's Worst Painters Club." They weren't. But several members gave credit to Stan for mentoring them in their painting.

Stan painted from life or from photographs he took. Almost all of his paintings were landscapes or still life. He was so prolific that his family and friends have filled their homes with his paintings, and treasure every one of them.

Stan Kime was born in Rome, Ohio, on March 3, 1904, the ninth child of David and Eliza Jane "Jenny" Kime. David and Jenny had seven boys and two girls, living on a farm in Northern Ohio. David was also a carpenter, known and respected for his skill. Jenny's reputation was that she organized her large family wonderfully, and that if anyone needed anything, just "come to Jenny Kime." All the Kime children were tall and large-boned like Jenny. Stan himself was six foot two inches tall, with black hair and bright blue eyes.

Stan was the only boy in the family to graduate from high school, although all the boys became very successful in life. Stan somehow had the ambition to go to college, and enrolled in The Ohio State University, studying architecture. Although he didn't graduate, one quarter short of meeting the requirements, he actually made a career designing homes and public buildings. In 1941, he and his partner bought Wall Street Lumber company from Stan's oldest brother, and had a successful business for over 35 years. There are Stan Kime Designed homes all over Shelby, Ohio, and nearby towns and farms.

While attending college, Stan met and married the lovely Ruth Joseph. He helped her raise her two brothers and sister, before they went west. During the Depression, they lived in Idaho, but returned to Ohio to await their first child.

Stan and Ruth had three children: Lois Sara Smith (1932), Margaret Marie Nelson (1938), and Walter Joseph Kime (1941). Their grandchildren are Melody Smith Sweet, Joni Smith Durham, Barry Smith, David Simpson, Phillip Simpson, John Kime (deceased), David Kime, Mark Kime, and Adam Kime. They also had nine great-grandchildren (Taj Smith Burnette, Merry Sweet, Zachary Simpson, Molly Simpson, Samuel Kime, Lily Kime, Olive Kime, Teagan Kime, and Jonathan Everett Addison Kime) and four great-great grandchildren (Elijah Smith, Noah Smith-Burnett, Zoë Eden Burnett, and Zion Jeffrey Emmons).

Stan had many other hobbies and interests—photography, ceramics, history, sailing. He was a very interesting man, a successful business man, a pillar of the community, beloved by his wife, children, and grandchildren. The family get-togethers always include loving stories of their time with him.

Stan Kime died in November 1980. Ruth followed him in death ten years later. He is missed, and his family hopes you enjoy seeing this collection of his work.

(Biography provided by Margaret Marie Nelson.)

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